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Closing the Orgasm Gap

Statistically, women report fewer orgasms than men. A study in orgasm frequency of US adults showed heterosexual men usually orgasmed during intimacy (95%) followed by gay men (89%), bisexual men (88%), lesbian women (86%), bisexual women (66%) and heterosexual women … Continue reading

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Are Hormones for Menopause Safe?

I recently attended the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Annual Clinical Meeting and heard an excellent talk from one of George Washington University‚Äôs Professors, James Simon MD. The talk was inspirational! He spoke about a very important topic, “The … Continue reading

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Chronic Vaginal Infections

I recently heard an informative lecture at the 2016 ACOG Annual Clinical Meeting about new research and treatment of chronic vaginitis. Dr Chemen Tate from the Indiana University School of Medicine spoke about the different causes of chronic vaginal infections. … Continue reading

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